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Today, we’re introducing native app A/B testing with absolutely no coding. We’re delighted to be bringing to market a truly innovative product enabling businesses to remotely edit and manage apps in a amazing new way.

Air-Control A/B Testing lets you make a change and trial it with some of your users. Trialling a change measures its impact against making no changes at all. If the change is a marked improvement it’s easy to publish this out to all your users.

This new product announcement builds on Air-Control’s ability to let you make instant changes to your native apps and now you can experiment with your changes as well, all through our uniquely simple interface.

A/B Testing requires Air-Control 1.0.2 or later. To update or install please follow our where can i purchase femara.

To start using A/B Testing go to your App management page. A new section “Your Experiments”, displays all your experiments. This sits above the “Your Changes” area, which displays your general app changes.


To create an experiment, we recommend using a descriptive name. In the picture below our app is running on the right. For this experiment we want to optimize the use of the favourite button. So we call our experiment “Improve favourite clicks”.

Add experiment

An A/B experiment measures the impact of two sets of changes against different groups of users. To measure the impact we must setup a measurement in the app.

Add goal

The mirrored application highlights which views are buttons. In our example we want to optimize use of the favourites button. So we select this button to measure interaction.

select button

After selecting our goal, our experiments area updates displaying the favourites button.

review goal

An experiment requires two sets of changes to compare against. The default, no new changes, is compared against the variant. In our example we want try a larger favourites button. So we rename the variant “big yellow button”, and select edit.

named variant

In the editing interface, select the favourite button and start making changes. These changes will be saved as your variant.

start changes

make changes

In this example we’ve edited the appearance of the favourites button. But you can change any view you want.
When you’re happy with your changes, hit Save and Exit.

save changes

We have a goal and a set of changes to measure and compare against the existing changes. Click Start to publish this experiment to your users.

start experiment

Selecting confirm starts our experiment and users will be shown one of the set of changes next time they open their app.

started experiment

As your users start to pick up your changes analytics data will feed in and be reported in the experiment area.

Below, are the results of an experiment in the SimpleShop app. We had setup an experiment to measure the clicks on the “Place Bid” Button and named our new variant “yellow button”.

This experiment has been running for some time and the top line results for each variant are visible. This shows the yellow button is more effective than the default blue colour.


review experiment

Viewing the experiment details we can understand the user behaviour in more detail. This confirms that the yellow button change was more effective.

review detailed results

We’ve identified that these changes have a marked impact. We want to keep these changes and publish them to all our users and so our final step is to promote this variant to the general changes area.

promote variant

The changes in the variant are now copied out to the general changes area and can be published like any other set of changes.


To recap, we identified we want to improve the number of clicks on a button. So we counted the number of clicks and changed the view for some of users and measured if the number of clicks improved. We saw that the number of clicks did improve and so we kept the changes and published them to all our users.

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